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"Real life is encountering."
Martin Buber


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Blanpain, Cirque royal (1999, Detail)
Jean-Pierre Blanpain, Au cirque royal (Det.)
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We develop individual solutions – creative, competent and economical: online (Internet, multimedia), offline (conception, consulting, public relations, training), print (from business papers, advertisments and flyers to image brochures).
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"Gastfreundschaft" Newsletter of the Hospice Schöneberg-Steglitz 2/2017 published
External link (PDF/1,3 MB) »

Benediktinerkloster Huysburg: Redesigned web page and internet information of the Benedictine Monastery online: huysburg.de »

Several media for the Religious Centre on Dementia Geistliches Zentrum für Menschen mit Demenz und deren Angehörige, Berlin
Example (PDF, external link) »

Book "Georg Zinner, Nachbarschaftshäuser in ihrem Stadtteil" published (2nd ext. ed., 420 pages) | External link »

Extended information of the project "Youth under the swastika" online
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