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Stefan M. Schult de Morais

Stefan M. Schult de Morais (Foto © Rolf Zöllner)
© Rolf Zöllner

Found the Agency for Communication and Media in 1998 after working as a project manager for creative concepts and as the person in charge of data processing and new media in an agency for congress management, communication concepts and fairs in Berlin.

Journalist and graduate in business management with the main emphasis on informatics. Studies of Protestant Theology in Berlin, Goettingen and Heidelberg, guest student at the University for Jewish Studies in Heidelberg. Trainer aptitude examination (Chamber of Industry
and Commerce, Berlin).

Worked many years for companies which mainly offer services for public health: reading, editing, public relations, organizing, standardization, corporate design; in charge of visual communication.

Journalistic work for a radio station in Berlin (editor, broadcaster). Free-lance activities for publishing houses.

Amongst others, member of the German Journalists Federation (DJV), of the Federal Association of Digital Economics (BVDW) and of the German-Brazilian Society (Sociedade Brasil-Alemanha).

Committed volunteer in his regional and national Protestant church, e.g. as member of the 12th synod (2015 until 2021) of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).

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