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Vocational Training

diálogo Agency for Communication and Media has been a training company for the profession of digital and print media designer since 2001, initally in the field of media design and from autumn 2007 in the field of design and technology. The modernly structured, nationwide training regulations provide for training in the dual system (company and vocational school). The vocational training usually lasts three years.

The vocational training at diálogo has so far covered all requirements (no training in conjunction with other companies). The internationalization of vocational training is taken into account by the fact that diálogo supports internships abroad and advocates the assignment of trainees to the European classes of the responsible Berlin College of Further Education.


Internships are no longer offered.


We are open to both project-related and long-term cooperation with freelance colleagues, especially with the focus areas

  • multimedia
  • CMS/programming
  • photography

There is currently no current project-related need. If you would still like to send us your message, it should reach us – exclusively in digital form (one PDF file) – with some information about yourself, your professional career and work samples. (No return of unsolicited materials.)

Permanent employment

Permanent positions are not offered.